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GCC Roofing Division

TAMKO PRO Certified Contractor

Residential New Roof Installation & Re-Roofing

Since 1999, GCC  Roofing has provided new roof installation and re-roofing on Residential Homes over the years.

Our installations meet all manufacturers’ specifications, and our technicians are trained and professionally managed the highest quality service available.

Composition Shingle



Modified Bitumen

Standing Seam Metal


Custom Homes

GCC Roofing offers specialized roofing crews and repair technicians providing quality installation for all types of custom home roofing. Whether your home has a high roof, low sloped roof, flat roof or a more complicated design, we can handle it all.


Roof Problems, We can Help!

Do You Have a Roofing Problem? We Can Help

After years of exposure to the elements, roofs start to wear, which can result in thousands of dollars in damage. The biggest problem is most people aren’t even aware of the common symptoms of a failing roof until it’s already too late.

Why Fix It Now?

While some of these symptoms may not be serious or costly to fix today, by not being proactive you run the risk of paying for it later.  Even a small leak can cause severe damage.

When moisture gets into the insulation, it can develop mold and mildew that spreads to the drywall and the wood structure of your home.

A leaking roof will open and spread causing damage to your walls, ceilings and floors. 

It can short out your electrical outlets and this is just if you’re lucky.

The unlucky ones find that significant damage is done to their pictures, furniture and the rest of their contents. All this aggravation, stress and damage can be avoided with the right roofing solution.

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